Raum 32 | 3. Stk. | Bildende Kunst

Susan Philipsz

(1965) Glasgow, UK lives in Berlin, Germany

My work deals with the spatial properties of sound and with the relationships between sound and architecture. I am particularly interested in the emotive and psychological properties of sound and how it can be used as a device to alter individual consciousness. I have used sound as a medium in public spaces to trigger an awareness in the listener, to temporarily alter their perception of themselves in a particular place and time.

Raum 32 | 3. Stk. | Bildende Kunst

Eoghan McTigue

(1969) Galway, IRL lives in Berlin, Germany

In my work I want to explore issues surrounding representation and the relationship between context and display. My work is built around a shared visual history and I have been drawn to motifs found in the built environment. I am interested in the physical character of city space and more specifically, sites designed for the dissemination of public information.


Lachrimae Antiquae series
Acrylic, Screenprint, Salt

Each painting takes its name from the individual titles of John Dowland’s (1563-1626) Lachrimae; a collection of instrumental music produced by the composer in 1604. Considered his signature work, Lachrimae – or Seaven Teares figured in Seaven Passionate Pavans is based upon the motif of a single falling tear. Each of the seven pavans reflects on a different type of weeping, including old tears, sighing tears, forced tears and lovers tears.

The paintings are made by submerging screen-printed canvases into baths of salted water and leaving them there for a number of days or weeks. The resulting surfaces are richly encrusted with layers of salt crystals, and evoke the tears suggested by Dowland’s music.